Soggy to the Rescue

Having been overwhelmed by the popularity of ‘Soggy the Bear’, we were asked if there would be a follow up. This naturally led me back to the Rescue Chair which has many different characters who have taken up residence over the years.

In the first ‘Soggy’ he had moved courtesy of the sea and others efforts, but I now felt the need to give him some life and movement of his own. I also felt that as Soggy had been helped by Grandfather, that there was now a need for him to conquer his own fears and help someone else.

Again I wanted to mix fact with fiction, and it seemed natural that Soggy might help the smallest bear in the Rescue Chair named ‘Patrick’. Patrick actually was created by a friend who had lost her husband to cancer, and who gave me the tiny bear as a memento of our good friendship. Seagulls were a natural enemy to many, kites were from my past, seeing them flown in Eastern countries, and perhaps wanting children in the West to get out a bit and fly them also instead of that oft repeated comment “There is nothing to do”